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Matt Fiddes in actionAt 28 years old Matt Fiddes is a successful businessman and former bodyguard to popstar Michael Jackson as well as being the head of the Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools brand which comprises over 400 schools in the UK, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools is the largest chain of its kind in the world.

Bullied throughout his time at school in Swindon Matt became a black belt martial artist at the age of 11 and had opened his first martial arts school aged just of 17. He went on to own the largest Martial Arts school in the UK within just six months. His school in Barnstaple, Devon attracted 600 active members and was a sought after place to train and study. Because of his success Matt has been featured several times on the front covers of martial arts magazines around the world. He is frequently billed by these magazines as the ‘UK’s most successful Instructor’.

Matt is a 6th Degree black belt master in Tae Kwon Do and holds a Black Belt in Kickboxing and Kung Fu. Matt sits on the board of advisors for the Worldwide Martial Arts Teachers Association along with the cream of the world’s best martial arts teachers.

In 2007 he developed an inspirational anti-bullying programme – NOBULL for young people based on his experience of educating young people in anti-bullying and this has been supported by Jermaine Jackson and Tito Jackson who is a co-authoring a book on the subject with Matt.
Matt Fiddes in action

The NOBULL launch received national and international media coverage from ITV and Sky News through to Indian Television and media outlets in the USA including ABC News and Fox News.

Matt began working on personal security and safety with media celebrity Danielle Lloyd after being recommended by their mutual friend Jermaine Jackson. Matt and Danni formed a strong bond and Matt has encouraged Danni to develop her own martial arts skills under his tutelage.

This led to the two developing the Matt Fiddes Ladies Only concept to provide something unique for women who want to develop personal safety skills, improve their fitness and meet new friends.

His martial arts schools continue to open up around the world at a rate of one new school per day.

Matt has featured in a wide range of national and international media ranging from UK and European TV news and magazine programmes to The Observer magazine, Closer and a range of national daily and Sunday newspapers.

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