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The Ladies-only kickboxing programme developed by Matt Fiddes is here!

Read on to see how incorporating this exclusive programme into the lifestyle of your clients could earn you £1000’s more each month.

8 reasons why the Matt Fiddes Ladies-only program will work for you.

1. Specially adapted system to meet the needs of women

The entire Matt Fiddes Ladies-Only syllabus has been designed specifically with the female body in mind from the warm up to stretches and martial arts techniques, even dietary information. Master Matt Fiddes has worked closely with his team to develop a special kickboxing programme for women. The programme of national, local and regional PR has been fine tuned with the help of health professionals and martial arts masters.

2. National marketing support

The Matt Fiddes Ladies-Only programme has been promoted nationally with the full support of Danielle Lloyd who has used the programme to improve her fitness and ability to defend herself. National newspapers and magazines have featured the exciting launch of the programme and Danielle has promoted the brand around the UK with personal appearances. The Matt Fiddes organisation has a full programme of local and regional PR in place to spread the word and get women to start the programme.

danielle3. Utilise your down time

Do you have one or two spare evenings a week? Then why not use this time to grow a new business.  Even if you have no previous teaching experience. Matt Fiddes Ladies-Only Martial Arts Franchise provides all the training you will need to become a Martial Arts coach on an ongoing basis, eventually taking you to black belt level instructor.

4. Don’t have a facility to teach from?

The Matt Fiddes Ladies only program can be taught from a sport centre or local school hall. This means no large overheads, heating or lighting bills plus the facility will always be clean and tidy for as little as £10 per night.

5. Additional promotional benefits

Take a look around; there are many ladies-only aerobics and various types of exercise classes, but how many kickboxing or martial arts classes are there that are exclusively ladies only. You could be the provider of a social activity that gives women the chance to train in self-defence without the feeling of self-consciousness that comes when surrounded by men who are the norm in this type of physical training; instead they would be surrounded by their peers and friends, which in turn improves retention.

6. Community impact

The Matt Fiddes Ladies Only classes can only have a super-positive effect on the community, providing a place where some women who would otherwise be too self-conscious or under-confident to attend this kind of class have a chance to learn invaluable skills and boost their self-confidence, ultimately helping them to feel safer in the community. Many students have had to overcome life issues that were physically and mentally challenging and have found a way forward through kickboxing.

7. More profit

Incorporating a Matt Fiddes Ladies-only class along side your current career can increase your gross income dramatically. Our ladies only programme has ten separate income streams from merchandising to belt grade testing. It’s a gold mine waiting to be tapped. Don’t be beaten to it!

8. We have produced amazing results for franchise owners like you all over the country!

Matt Fiddes Martial Arts Schools has opened over 400 new schools all over the UK. Our team is made up of experts who are considered the best in the business. We know exactly how to implement our franchise into your area to achieve maximum results.

If you want a kick-ass business opportunity then you’ve got one right here with the Matt Fiddes Ladies-Only Kickboxing programme.



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